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Things I thought about today.

Published October 25, 2014 by speakmylove

Dreams are fleeting magical carpet rides that will make you believe in the possibility of every single thing and that change is not the only thing constant, dreaming and continuing to be a dreamer is too. I just realized that the reality of the dream I wanna be will take every single of fiber of me believing that everything is possible and that I would always make way for whatever it is to be possible.

That wherever God puts me, I will just strive to shine for his glory. Truth be told, the only thing I am most afraid of in the second semester to come is that what If I won’t get to be blocmates with my two buddies. But then I realized, the true value of friendship will always be in the quality not the quantity.

That the best thing in this world is becoming a cheerleader. Not in the strict sense cheerleader though, it’s the inspiration booster kind. I realized that making your dreams come true and becoming the person who you want to be will never quantify to helping someone become who they want to be and becoming who you areβ€”a genuine, sincere, being who loves.