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Published November 7, 2014 by speakmylove

One walks like angels on clouds
And speaks like chirping birds.
Giggles with immaculate innocence.
Dreams like an unending incense.

The other speaks as wrath
And walks like an abstract craft.
Jokes like there’s no tomorrow.
Real as piercing as an arrow.

Both to me they proved
That quality is really over quantity
It is not in the longevity
But rather in the memoirs.

This is just a speed bump.
A way for us to test the waters,
To squeeze our hearts for things to pump.
To validate that above all, friendship matters.

Sepanx. Sepanx. Sepanx.
This anxiety shall last until brethren bring us together.
Until then I make do planning future moments,
Because there are things meant for us, only us.

November 7, 2015 ~ a dreadful heartbreak. This is something to be experienced. An experience that shouldn’t last forever. Totally never gonna happen again. 💔💔💔 😭😭😭


First of Firsts

Published October 19, 2014 by speakmylove

The three week break has just started and as a freshman who braved the unknown seas, I am just glad that I survived the first wave of the storm.


I survived the first semester of my first year. It ain’t a big thing but for someone who emotionally thought it isn’t possible and gone through a major adjustment stage, I am proud of myself. I really never believed it was going to be easy peasy but at least it’s off of my list with no broken bones made. I had to allow a few technical adjustments of myself to be capable of the battle, and I do not regret the four months that just passed.

There is both joy and sadness in the semester thing in college. You get to learn subjects in half the time which is really cool because it does not becoming dragging. But you also get to be with you bloc mates, half the usual time you have spent in from your elementary and high school classmates. Lucky are those who just go school, ace their tests, and go home without investing emotions on the people they are with. I hope I could be like them, but, no, I am a kind of person who loves to get to know people, loves to chat as a stress reliever, loves to joke and be joked in return, loves to be part of people’s lives and be part of theirs in return. I invest in getting to know, I invest my emotions because I believe that’s it gives meaning to living. It makes breathing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide totally worth it.

So this is how it feels to be college. Now I know, and I am looking forward to more! I may have sepanx regarding buddies but I know I’ll make it!

It is in the journey, the experience, and friendships nurtured. 💋💋💋

Here’s a montage of some of my photos this semester! 😁