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“The most important gadget”

Published November 29, 2014 by speakmylove

I have read a ton of Q&As and if you ask prolly 99% of today’s civilization, their most important gadget or what thing you couldn’t leave at home with, the answer would be their cellphones. In a world where we thrive to connect, we are virtually wired. We do everything on or cellphones that we would probably head back home if we realize we left our phones on or bed because Dad was honking to leave. Well, that happened to me today. I couldn’t go back because it would be another 30 minute drive and I was running late for my class. I’m the chairman of the bloc, and my blocmates and my instructor would probably call or text and I wouldn’t be notified. I was going to attend a book signing and my friend was on the other section. There was a flurry of mishaps playing in my head on what was going to happen to me just because I left my phone.

I had no choice but to face the day head first. A part of me was worried but a bigger part of me was looking forward to how the day was going to be. First, I rode the ferry and excitedly searched my bag for my earphones and phone to play music for the 15 min ferry ride, but I remembered that I left the latter. And because of that, I heard the ferry go against the wind, the water rush, the child cry, the newspaper being held by a man in long sleeves, and the slow snoring of a woman—and those I heard just today despite riding the ferry twice a week. Second, a blocmate who had to be excused because she had another important appointment to attend to had to look for me instead of just phoning me, regarding her request. I got to see her and give her my good lucks—if that was on the phone, it was short and unreal. Third, my friend who was going with me to the book signing whom I have not been with for the last three weeks on a daily basis had to basically sit and cling with me as we wouldn’t have any other communication than our eyes and mouths. If I had my phone, we would just text each other and see each other outside. Lastly, the feeling of utter independence and freedom. Not a ring one was going to interrupt your trivial thoughts, not a vibration could stop your excited mouth, no notif could suddenly switch your mood.

Well, today was unfortunate because I came home with 30 unread messages and 8 missed calls. Who knows what they could be, I hope they’re not too important. But the most important thing about my little accident is that, without our “all-too-important gadget”—WE HEAR MORE, SEE REAL FEELINGS, ATTACH AND CLING, AND BECOME FREE

We may never stop associating our lives with these phones but I just hope we don’t forget that our world is beyond the confinements of our smartphones. 😁



Published November 7, 2014 by speakmylove

One walks like angels on clouds
And speaks like chirping birds.
Giggles with immaculate innocence.
Dreams like an unending incense.

The other speaks as wrath
And walks like an abstract craft.
Jokes like there’s no tomorrow.
Real as piercing as an arrow.

Both to me they proved
That quality is really over quantity
It is not in the longevity
But rather in the memoirs.

This is just a speed bump.
A way for us to test the waters,
To squeeze our hearts for things to pump.
To validate that above all, friendship matters.

Sepanx. Sepanx. Sepanx.
This anxiety shall last until brethren bring us together.
Until then I make do planning future moments,
Because there are things meant for us, only us.

November 7, 2015 ~ a dreadful heartbreak. This is something to be experienced. An experience that shouldn’t last forever. Totally never gonna happen again. 💔💔💔 😭😭😭