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2014 IS FOR YOU!

Published January 2, 2014 by speakmylove


This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change. -Taylor Swift

        This may sound like cliche but a new year means a new beginning. A chance to a clean slate. A time to close one chapter and open fresh pages. An event to wash away the flaws of the past year and just breathe in the new breeze of 2014. But this new year, I hope you give a chance to You.

You that had your heart broken, conceive the love you deserve.
You that failed, do better! You have 365 days in front of you.
You that was alone, love yourself. Your self worth is more than anything.
You that was neglected, continue to do what you do best. You don’t need others to put you down.
You that got disappointed , maybe this is your year!
You that lost someone, be strong. You have angels now.
You that has unfinished business, work on them.
You that forgot how to smile, be happy. See the small things that matter the most.
You that got washed away, 2014 will be a rebuilding of something better than what you had.
You that failed to share, spare for others. That feeling is immeasurably irreplacable.
You that stumbled down, rise up from the challenge.
You… live your life in the hopes of making someone smile, giving someone happiness, becoming an agent of hope, being a blessing, and just someone for others. You’ll just be amazed at a fruitful year if you do. 🙂

       Things will change. It will never be the same but like what Atom Araullo tweeted, “2014 is just 2013 in disguise.” It’s YOU that’s going to make it a different one. Make a better story but keep the stories that 2013 brought.

To those who were devastated, see a brighter morning! Look forwarf to a bigger and brighter year ahead! Conceive healing and moving on.


HAPPY NEW YEAR and Make a better 2014! 🙂 hugs & glitterkisses!