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Lost for a day.

Published December 30, 2013 by speakmylove



                        Each dropping second of everyday is a bountiful blessing from above. Who knows your next second might be your last… but sometimes, I just want to know how would everybody feel if I get lost for a day. There are pains that only my heart knows. There are joys that only my soul knows. I’m made up but that doesn’t mean I’m a hundred percent fine. There are things that cannot be said or written in words. I just wanted to be okay, even just for a day. Free of all this cobwebs even just for 24 hours. Yes, I’m alive, breathing and well but being lost for a day won’t hurt a muscle or bone. 




Published December 20, 2013 by speakmylove

DON’T GET ME WRONG. THIS AIN’T ROMANTIC LOVE. This is about my senior section, LOVE.


Yes, we are composed of vaguely different characters but we managed to accept each ones differences and gelled like jello.

Yes, we are seniors who have to make the most trivial life choices but we have to make this memorable.

Yes, we are noisy but that noise is coming from our hearts. Our glee couldn’t just be contained.

Yes, we are not perfect but we compliment each other.

Yes, we have arguments and petty misunderstandings but as what they say, that allows love to grow.

Maybe it was destiny, maybe it was luck, but I believe it is a blessing.

We had to be together cause we somehow would learn from each other.

We have a few more months left to make each minute into a beautiful moment.

I’m writing this now because it seems fitting. Christmas is up on five days and 2013’s gon bid goodbye.

It was a beautiful year for us and I want to thank all of you for it. This might be thought as biased but LOVE’s really the best.


Thank you for all the laughter, happiness, aching jaws cause of too much joy, sincere smiles, beautiful stories, and most of all the learning I have all learned from you. Somehow, I know, I’ll be using them.

To be honest, I have proven with you guys that highschool’s the best adventure to go through and there, you’ll be meeting the best people, a family. Thanks for giving me a beautiful family 10-Love. You guys are beyond the best and awesome.




 Have a Merry Christmas! End 2013 with a bang! Welcome 2014 with cheers! Thanks for making all the challenges bearable 10-Love. Hoping that this wonderful family that has bloomed will continue to grow and stand as tall as a tree!

With Love & glitterkisses, Abby 🙂