Ate Julia’s Contest

Published October 27, 2013 by speakmylove

Ate Julia's Contest

KCDJ. Four letters that makes the KathNiel Ship mightly sailing. If I was to have a day with them, I would bring them to Cebu, my hometown. They might be able to set their foot here, but I want to take them on a paradise hopping. We would start by an island hopping in the Island of Mactan and enjoy snorkeling, bird watching & feeding, and stop by the yellow submarine and check it out. Then by mid-day we could just have a relaxing spa party and talk about loads of stuff or they could try wind surfing and wake boarding. Before the sun would set, we would take the Islands Boat and have an early dinner that would take us under the bridge and allow us to enjoy the beautiful sunset. From the water and land, we would then partake on an adventurous journey up in the air as we enjoy the cityscape at the Edge Coaster and the zipline between two towers. Then we would end the day by having our shirts that would print how we loved Cebu. It may look tiring and exhausting but it surely would be a feast of the eyes, tummy and a beautiful memory they would always remember.

I may only be in this fandom for a year but I’m assuring that I’m here to stay. THANKS AND ALL THE LOVE FOR THIS KAHNIEL FANDOM :*



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