A Beautiful Inspiration

Published October 2, 2013 by speakmylove


A Superb Footballer


A Graceful Dancer


An Encouraging Teacher


An Intelligent Commentator


A sweet baker and delish cook


and generally an uber pretty lady with very much prettier heart.





From the moment I started loving football, to talking to you online, meeting you in person, hearing your words of wisdom and encouragement and your effective tips… You have been my inspiration. Truth be told, I was more determined to play soccer because of you. Now, I’m tremendously enjoying it. I may not be the best player yet but slowly but surely, I will be that. I have shared your story to my friends and team mates and they too were inspired. Even if it’s not related to football, you are there to talk to and give time for my favors, Thanks for that Ate! When it’s about football, you tell me all things I want to know as long as its explainable in plain text. I’m off to my second tournament in the weekend and I have never felt this great about my body and excited for something. Thank You so much Ate Yel. You may just be doing what you do best but in that, you inspire me tons of inspiration. I pray that you may be blessed with more achievements, love and whatever it is you are desiring for. I wish you more successes and heights conquered! I thank God for that one day that I have known you and that one day that I met you for it has truly changed a lot of things in me. You made me believe that I am capable of doing whatever it is my heart desires as long as I want it badly and I take actions for it. GOD BLESS YOU and your Family Ate Yel. Hopefully, we would still be friends for a long time 🙂 Do know that I would be your number one supporter in everything you would do. I also hope that we could see each other again soon and share a #YELSTERhug ^_^ I’m also praying to lay soccer with you or be taught by you in the near future. Muchlove and Glitter Kisses Ate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again. :*



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