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Published July 23, 2013 by speakmylove



An Intro to Me.

Published July 23, 2013 by speakmylove



I go by the name of Abigail Go, Abby to people who know me and Abs to my friends. I came into this world on the 14th day of June in the year 1997. Since I am part Chinese, I am born on a year of the Ox and I’m pretty accurate that I have picked up a few characters of my Chinese animal year. The Ox is a calm, patient, studied character. It takes things slow, steady pace and at times rather dictatorial but is always industrious. When I was a kid, I was always the super cute and kikay gal but I was not-so smiling and confident. I just evolved to this much more confident self when I learned to stand my ground, stand for myself, speak my mind and heart, and echo my thoughts. I believe that we are all princesses, it may not mean the literal one but we reign over our lives, we act with poise and courtesy, we are compassionate, we have our own passions, we deserve the best and we wear our own tiaras in whomever, wherever or whatever we may be. I am a Princess in the making. All of what happened made me into a fine thread which is colorful and vibrant. We are Princesses in our own right so get to know my tale.


If as a student, I’m the much serious type, outside, I have my alter-egos. First, an obedient daughter, I owe all of me and what I have right now to my parents and I believe the only way to give back to them is to listen to them and to make them proud. My family has been there for me, giving me the right supplements, the right advices, allowing me to grow, protected me but gave me responsible freedom to see the world, gave me that extra TLC when I needed it the most and supported me in everything that I wished to do or be. My life’s been great because my family’s exquisite. Second, a best friend, my friends, play a big role in my life. For me, friends are family we choose and they are angels without wings. I value friendship so much and as much as possible, I really update my friends with all the things happening to me. I’m a kind of friend that loves to be immersed in my friends’ lives, not that I meddle with theirs but I want to be there for them. I’m a kind of friend who listens and lets my friend be whoever she wishes to be. I’m a friend that would be up till dawn to be the shock absorber and shoulder to lean on and would wake up in the middle of a great dream to enjoy the much better joys of my friend. And in this life, I have been blessed with people whom I call siblings from my past life or from different mothers or in simple terms, friends who make life’s happy memories even better and the dramatic moments bearable. Third, a fangirl, this part of my being is probably the best part and the part where I learn thinks in the real world in the most exciting way but nature need its balance so, oftentimes, I learn life lessons, the hard way… It is here that I learn to be practice hard work and patience at its best, manage my expectations, be happy on the most simple things and gestures, value  loyalty, always make each minute into a moment, stand up and smile and most of all, seize the moment with my seize the day courage. Being a fangirl is never easy; one has to save up to support your idol’s materials, purchase meet and greet passes or to get the best seats in their football matches; there are even times when one has to be awake in the wee hours of the night  to talk to them online or set an alarm at 2AM to watch a live stream of their football game a thousand miles away; one has to always put his/her best foot and best gift forward to be remembered and  break a little rules just for that idol. I have sacrificed a thing or two because of my fangirling but this alter-ego, is the most fulfilled, most inspired and most experienced. Lastly, ME. My total self, I’m crazy but composed; I’m attached to my emotions; I’m not afraid to cry because for me, it’s the best manifestation of strength; I’m a bookworm-I enjoy lazy weekends with books and my imagination; I love soundtrippin’, it brings me to a different level of self-understanding, it’s like every moment in my life has an automatic song equipped with it; I love make-up and fashion; It’s my lifelong dream to be a fashion designer and I think, dresses are the only thing that I legally draw; I’m a social butterfly; I love the feeling of having new acquaintances and making new friends; I usually take life at a more serious level; I love giving out advices; sometimes, I over-analyze things; I love the heart shape; I’m friends with some Philippine AZKALS (not to brag) ; I love sleeping; I’m addicted to coffee, mocha, even just the aroma!; and just recently, I’m addicted to milk tea. There are a lot more things that come with “Abby” but I would love that people get to know me at a deeper, personal, and intimate level.

 I am not perfect internally or externally but all of the happenings of my sixteen years of existence make me a princess in my own right. I have my ups and downs, I make mistakes but learn from them but I believe, all those will make my kingdom bolder and brighter. I always strive to stand my ground, keeping my feet on the ground, multitask but still look fresh and patch less.  I always keep in mind what Coco Chanel once said, You live but once; you might as well be amusing.” andSuccess is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.” Happiness Matters, nothing else counts cause

                             I am a Princess in the making.